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By joining the USA Alumni Association as a Lifetime Member, you are not only adding value to your degree, but you are supporting the many programs offered by the association, including student scholarships. Your Lifetime membership gives back to USA and sets a foundation for generations to come.

Exclusive Lifetime Membership Benefits

  • All Lifetime memberships are payable in installments over five years. Once paid in full, membership remains active for life of member with no further payments or dues increases.
  • Name and graduation year inscribed on the Wall of Honor at Moulton Tower and Alumni Plaza (when Lifetime Membership is paid in full).
  • 25 priority seating points for sporting events if you purchase season tickets (maximum number of points anyone many receive at one time).
  • Discounted membership at the USA Rec Center. 
  • Credit card-style membership card that can be used for area discounts and complimentary entry to USA Alumni Tailgate events.
  • All the benefits of Annual Membership
Lifetime Memberships
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Available to first year graduates for up to 6 months after graduation

Individual membership for all graduates of USA

Membership for non-degreed attendees and parents of current students

Available to USA Graduate and spouse

Membership for non-degreed attendee and spouse or parents of current students